Welcome to the 2001 Sainte-Marie aux Mines Show!

For the next several days I will be reporting on the sites and rocks that are being found here at the show.   Mineral specimens will be posted later after I return around July 2nd or 3rd and will be flowing to the site for 2-3 weeks thereafter as I get them photographed and posted to pages.   All of the specimens will be linked in at the bottom of the pages at that time.  It just isn't practical to do it during the short time I will be here... At least not yet.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Sainte-Marie show it is the second largest show in Europe behind Munich and probably the largest wholesale mineral show in Europe.   This show is nestled in a very old mining town in the Voges mountains of eastern France.   It is surrounded by rolling hills and rounded mountains covered with dense forests of pine, fir and deciduous trees.  There are also numerous prairies which are cut for feed or used as graze for cattle.  Though the land is heavily managed it is treated with care.   The roads leading to Sainte-Marie are excellent though once in town get ready for the classic narrow European street experience.   The food of this region is excellent and there are literally hundreds of hotels within an hour's drive so accommodations are readily available.  The weather can be anything from cool, wet and dreary to hot, sunny and humid.   It is a unique show in the sense that people from around the world descend on this open air venue in this small out of the way town.

This year as last year Colleen and I are staying at the Hotel du Faude located about 20 km south of Sainte-Marie aux Mines in the town of Lapoutroie.   This is a very fine hotel with great food, lots of quiet and a very friendly atmosphere.

A view of Hotel du Faude from the east

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