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Welcome to a slice of time in the world of mineral collecting.

John Veevaert was one of the pioneers of using the internet as a new avenue to sell minerals, with this, his main selling site (, as well as his auction venue (still a going concern!),

Indeed, over the years, John added many additional domains to his complex of websites, revealing his many and varied interests in mineral books, rare minerals, Benitoite, and minerals from Tsumeb. (To name a few!)

(See the list of links at the bottom of the auction banner just above this note).

John's untimely death caught us all by surprise. John's wife Ronna followed in his footsteps, continuing to operate the auction sites for several years. The auctions site is now owned and operated by Luciana Barbosa.

Ronna and Luciana have decided to keep several of John's older sites online (including this one), in pretty much the same state they were when his work was cut short. These will serve both as a way to remember Johh, and as a piece of the history of mineral collecting in general.

Note: there were some broken links where it was obvious to us what they were intended to be, and the original laink target (page) was still there. We have fixed some of these cases.

Finally, please note that this site is maintained for historical purposes, only; No specimens are offered for sale on this site at this time.

     Richard Geiger
     August 2023


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