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My policy for adding links: 

I receive on average about five requests each week to have a reciprocal link to another website.  If you want to link to Trinity Mineral Company that is your business. I am not adverse to providing a link from Trinity Mineral Company to another site obviously.  However, I will only add a link to another dealer's site if I have met and know the dealer personally. 

PLEASE do not ask me to give you a link unless we've formerly met and have done business together for some time.  A link is an endorsement of the person I am referring my customers to.  If I do not know you I can not possibly endorse you. 

Thank you,  John


Educational, Reference and Service Websites

Mineralogy Database - The A to Z List  - David Barthelemy maintains a comprehensive listing of every species with chemical and Strunz data and much more!  Easily one of the best resources for people interested in minerals whether they're a museum curator or beach comber. I use it all the time!!!

MinMax - Mineralogy Database - Don Zampano has done a remarkable job of putting together a very comprehensive listing of all mineral species and their pertinent info such as chemistry, type locality and other localities for their occurrences.  A very slick operation!

Mindat.Org - Jolyon Ralph has a fantastic operation here with a full listing of all known species and locality information that can be cross referenced.  It also allows for people to dynamically add locality info.  I expect to make Mindat.Org a regular stop daily!

Barite Specimen Localities - Bill Dameron has put together an impressive listing of known barite localities and he has pictures of specimens from most of them.  If you like BaSO4 then this is a site for you!

Pegmatite Interest Group - PIG - This is a site spear headed by Dave London and dedicated to creating a forum for learning about pegmatites, appreciating pegmatites more, and sharing information about pegmatites.

The following links take you to a metaphysical site in the Netherlands that has compiled comprehensive information on crystallography and morphology of crystals.  The sites cover the six basic crystal systems in great detail.  I find these site very useful for quick on line references. You have to excuse some of the spellings. (I have sidestepped the pages on metaphysical stuff since all I care about is the good technical information on crystallography .)

Isometric Crystal System
Tetragonal Crystal System
Hexagonal Crystal System
Orthorhombic Crystal System
Monoclinic Crystal System
Triclinic Crystal System

Pegmatopia - Another fine informational website developed by Dave London on current research and the program in general at the University of Oklahoma.

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom  -  A site where it is clear that someone went to a GREAT DEAL of work to put together a very usable and friendly website!

Mineral Galleries - Amethyst Galleries with the first commercial mineral site on the planet and one hell of great data base of mineral facts and information.  If they had a dime for every time I went to their site ... it's frightening!

Athena Mineralogy Database  Another well done and complete website with a lot of useable info such as type locales and photos of reference specimens.

Real Gems  A very fine reference website on gemstones and gem crystals from M. Peters in Germany.

Mineral Webzine  An online mineral magazine with articles, a photo contest and image gallery.  In both French and English from Yannick Dain.

Association of French Micromineralogy - Everything you could want to know about micromineralogy &  micromounting can be found on this page.  In both French and English.

The Mineral Display - Raoul Konanz has a splendid site displaying specimens from his mineral collection.  Many good photos too!

Kato's Mineral Collection - Shinichi Kato has placed a large percentage of his personal mineral collection online with some fantastic photos.  A very good reference site for mineral images!

Tak's Mineral Collection - TAK has spent a lot of time carefully photographing his mineral collection.  Numerous outstanding images from a collector with excellent taste in minerals!

Liroconite.Com - David Aubrey-Jones has pieced together a fine website centered around his infatuation with the mineral liroconite.  Everything that you would or could ever want to know about the mineral and history of some of the mines in Cornwall is right here.

Clean Rocks - Tim Sherburn - Hey! If you have a rock in need of professional cleaning, trimming or other forms of curation you need go no further than Tim Sherburn! Tim's worked under Cal Graeber and Bill Larson for years and has a hundred and one tricks up his sleeve to clean up any rock! Tim's cleaned literally hundreds of the specimens seen on the Trinity Mineral Company website!

The Mineralogical Record
The journal for mineralogy.

Marc & Jonathon Favre
Marc and Jonathon "Jo" Favre have an amazing website dedicated to the fabulous minerals
that are found at the Mt. St. Hilaire area.  Anything that is out there on MSH is here!

Lapis in German
The most informative periodical on minerals published in Europe.
They also have a very informative website on events in the world of Minerals.


Lapis in English
Gloria Staebler and Dr. GŁnther Neumeier have secured the rights to reproduce
the prestigious German mineral magazine - Lapis - in English! Count me in!!

This is a French site dedicated to bringing all facets of the geological world together from professional to amateur.


Diamond Pro
Ira Weismann - Israel.  Quality information to help buyer know diamonds better



Former Smithsonian curator John White offers a wide range of services to help
the individual collector or museum get the most out of their mineral collection.

Top Mineral Shows


The Sainte-Marie aux Mines

The Munich Show

Top Quality Mineral Dealers
on the World Wide Web

Ronna's Wraps
Ronna Jewett's Wire Wrapped Fine Minerals



Fabre Minerals
Jordi Fabre - Barcelona, Spain

To all US & European Customers. You can now return specimens ordered from Fabre Minerals to Trinity Mineral Company in the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase.  I see Jordi 2-3 times a year and we have agreed to provide this service to our customers to make returning specimens easier.  All of my European Customers may return Trinity Mineral Company specimens to Jordi as well.

Steve Perry Gems
Steve & Sandy Perry - Davis, California


Key's Mineral Collection
Kiyoshi Kiikuni - Japan

To all US & Japanese Customers. You can now return specimens ordered from Key's Minerals to Trinity Mineral Company in the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase.  I see Kiyoshi & Eriko 2-3 times a year and we have agreed to provide this service to our customers to make returning specimens easier.  All of my Japanese Customers may return Trinity Mineral Company specimens to Kiyoshi as well.


Mineral Auctions Dealers link
Link to all of the fine dealers selling minerals in the site

Also be sure to visit: 

Scholten's Minerals
Brian & Amy Scholten - Ithaca, New York 


KQ Minerals
Keith Hayes - Florence, Kentucky

UK Mining Ventures
Jesse Fisher - San Francisco, California 

Miner's Lunch Box
Scott Werschky - Reno, Nevada

Christophe & Brice Gobin - France

Ian Bruce - England

Dakota Matrix Minerals
Tom Loomis - South Dakota

Mineral Design Shop
Sabine Amory - Toulouse, France

The Collector's Edge
Bryan & Kathryn Lees - Golden, Colorado

AA Rockshop
Andrei V. Rykoff - Estacada, Oregon

Majestic Minerals
Scott Wallace - Potsdam, New York
Italian Minerals
 Dr. Alessandro Genazzani - Modena, Italy
Saxony Mineral Calanders
Joerg Wittig - Germany
Alpine Minerals
Gerd Wiedenbeck - Mauer bei Heidelberg, Germany
John Betts Fine Minerals
John Betts - New York City, New York
The Mineral Cabinet
Bill Butkowski - New Jersey
Douglass Minerals
Dave & Liz Douglass - Tucson, Arizona

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