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Special Note: I have included a series of charts that are updated every minute to convey to you the latest exchange rates for the US Dollar against other currencies below here:

Now for the business end of things...

               Thank you Kiyoshi

(1) To place an order simply send me an E-mail message indicating what specimen(s) (using the code number) you're interested in and where you are from. The price you see on the specimen is all you pay plus s/h. I will then mark and hold the specimen(s) for you. I will generally respond within 24hrs (~or so~) to indicate the total cost of your order.

Trinity Mineral Company
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(2) All transactions must be in US Dollars (please). You can either send a personal check (if you have a United States based bank account), a money order or you may use any of these other options:

Credit cards -     

Or, you may also use  if you want to.

If you use  please make the payment to

If you are from outside the United States and you wish to pay with an International Money Order drawn on US Dollars then please add an additional $10 as this is the fee that my bank imposes on me for processing foreign money orders.  International wire transfers, due to bank fees, will result in a charge of $25 extra.

You can also send money to me via Western Union or MoneyGram.

(3) Domestic Shipping charges:

US Postal Priority Mail is used for most of the items I ship within the United States.  I will use flat rate USPS Prioity Mail boxes in most cases unless I can send it cheaper using a standard Priority Mail shipping box.  I can also use USPS Flat Rate Priority Mailing boxes for foreign orders but this will be more expensive than if I use the USPS First Class Parcel rate.  The USPS now provides tracking numbers for all domestic Priority Mail shipments.

Please note the following for domestic orders: I do not use UPS. If you want me to use Fed-Ex the s/h will be added to the total cost of your order.  Fed Ex is always more expensive to use than the US Postal Service.  Please indicate your interest in using an alternate service otherwise all orders will be sent via the US Postal Service up to the 4 pounds mentioned above.

(4) Foreign Shipping Charges
If you live outside the US I will use the following table to determine charges for shipping and handling. Special exceptions may apply such as shipment of large, heavy or numerous specimens.  The Post Office has a tracking system available at additional costs.

1 Pound
2 Pounds
3 Pounds
4 Pounds
>4 Pounds 
Flat Rate

The mailing address for Trinity Mineral Company is:

XXXX Mia Vista Dr.
Reno, Nevada 89502

(5) For new customers: Once I receive your check or money order I'll package up the specimen(s) and send them via Fed Ex or the Postal Service.  All established customers orders will be filled immediately upon receipt of their order.

(6) RETURNS- If you receive anything you do not like you have a 10-day review and return priviledge. Please send it back if it comes damaged or if you just can't develop a good relationship with the specimen...In other words, you and the rock don't get along!  If you intend to return it please let me know within that time range.Once I receive the returned specimen in the condition it was sent I'll return your money.  If it comes back damaged it will be your responsibility to deal with the Post Office on any insurance claim. I maintain a %100 buy-back policy within the 10-day review period.  I won't sell it if I won't buy and own it. 

  If the specimen is not back here in Reno after 15 days (allowing 5 days for domestic return shipping) of receipt of the specimen, I will assume that you are intending to keep the specimen and the transaction will become final.  Foreign customers wishing to return specimens will have a longer period allowed for shipping depending on their location.  I must be notified of your intention to return a specimen within 10 days of receiving it however.

European Customers: feel free to return specimens to Jordi Fabre located in Barcelona, Spain.  His address for returns is:

Fabre Minerals
c/ Arc de Sant Marti 79 local
08032 Barcelona, SPAIN

Japanese Customers: feel free to return specimens to Kiyoshi Kiikuni located in Hyogo, Japan.  His address for returns is:

Kiyoshi Kiikuni
Key's Mineral Collection
12-24 Iwazono-cho, Ashiya-shi, Hyogo 659-0013 JAPAN

(7) If you wish to upgrade your specimens (species for species and for specimens of higher value) you may return previously purchased specimens from Trinity Mineral Company to me as partial payment for an upgrade of the same species. Specimens returned for these purposes will have the original price paid deducted from the cost of the new upgraded specimen. Auction specimens may not be used for this purpose. Payment for shipping returned specimens for upgrades is up to the customer.

For credit card orders: You can get the information to me in the following ways:

You may transmit your credit card information via the Secure Page I have set up.

Secure Credit Card Information Transfer 
available online for these Credit Cards:

You may call me at 1 (888) 689-8402 (Toll Free number) to relay your credit card number to me.
You may email me with your phone number and I will call you.
You may mail the credit card information to me via snail mail.

Be sure to include the full number, Expiration date, your mailing address and the three digit security code on the signature panel. 

Once I have your credit card information on file future purchases will be greatly expedited.

Remember you may also use  if you wish.

If you use  please make the payment to

Thank you!

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